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ifilm exclusive report on Iran kids flick ‘Chubby and Me’

Watch ifilm exclusive report on Iranian feature ‘Chubby and Me’ by Hossein Qenaat.

ifilm English TV has published an exclusive report on children’s movie ‘Chubby and Me’ by Iranian director Hossein Qenaat.

New offering of Qenaat is a family movie which mostly deals with people’s psychological complications.

The flick targeting both children and adult audiences looks at how people in childhood and adulthood enact in their daily life.

The new offering of Qenaat follows the story of a scriptwriter who is not that much successful in his profession. His life undergoes a major change when he gets to know a boy named “Chubby”.

The acclaimed title had a great reception at 2018 edition of the International Film Festival for Children and Youth in Iran, winning nominations for Best Actor, Best Director and Best Screenplay awards. The child actor in the film, Samyar Mohammadi, fetched the Best Actor award at the event.

Actor Hassan Majouni and actress Mitra Hajjar co-star in the film described by the director as his "deepest work."