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ifilm exclusive interview with ‘Injury’ lead role Amin Tarokh

'Injury' star Amin Tarokh recalls memories from ‘Injury’ series shooting.

In an exclusive interview with ifilm English, Amin Tarokh has recalled memories from ‘Injury’ series shooting.

Injury’ by Mohammad-Mehdi Asgarpour is the story of two brothers, Bozorg and Ismaeel, and their families facing a terrible revelation.  

Good to know that Tarokh was first suggested playing the role of Ismaeel, the younger brother. However, when he read the screenplay, the character Bozorg caught his attention and drew his interest to the role of Bozorg.

“Bozorg shares qualities like restraint, kindness, helpfulness and a sense of responsibility. He symbolized a more Iranian figure to me,” Tarokh describes his reasons to take in the role.  

Tarokh was also asked about his most appealing line from the series. He brings up the phrase “Get it stupid, you stupid get it” as his most interesting dialogue.

Injury’, as put by Tarokh, has been a group production where the writer and director brainstormed ideas.

“Throughout production, from the rising action to the climax and the denouement, we discussed almost everything with the screenplay writer and the director. Discussions were aimed at making the characters more plausible. One example is the creation of an additional 15-minute sequence to the story which took two days to shoot,” says Tarokh.

The scene 'The Green Journey' star talked about focused on the quarrel between Ismaeel and Bozorg leading to one of them slapping the other in the face.

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