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‘Father’ actress new series approaches technicality closing

Laya Zanganeh, star of ifilm series ‘Father’, appears in new TV production currently in post production.

Laya Zanganeh, star of ifilm series ‘Father’, has appeared in new TV production ‘The Lost World’ currently in post-production.

The TV series directed by Amin Amani and written by Kianoush Zaretalab wraped up shooting around two months back.

The technicalities of the series featuring Zanganeh is approaching final mark with 50 percent of the soundtrack left to be incorporated into the new TV offering of Amani.

The sitcom follows the story of a young clergyman living in an outlying village along with his mother. His simple rustic life undergoes a major change when out of the blue, he now owns a bankrupt factory in Tehran through inheritance.

What is more surprising is that he has to deal with his step siblings who are least compatible with the clergyman in their social manners and behavior.

Zanganeh has appeared in several movies such as: 'Lean on the Wind' (1999), 'Seven Songs' (2001), 'Fever' (2003), 'The Boss' (2006), 'Quiet Streets' (2010), 'Self-Harm' (2011), 'Private Life' (2011) and 'Lovers Die Standing' (2013).

She has also taken parts in various TV series, including 'Under Your Protection' (1994-1995), 'In My Heart' (1997-1998), 'Born Again' (1999), 'Zero Degree Turn' (2007), 'Coma' (2007), 'Tell the Truth' (2012) and 'Like a Mother' (2013).

ifilm has aired 'Father' featuring the actress who took up the role of a mother to a male lead character (played by Sina Mehrad) in the hit series.