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‘Gileva’ to go on Iran small screen soon

New docudrama on the Jungle Movement ‘Gileva’ is soon to be screened by Iran IRIB Channel 3.

New docudrama on the Jungle Movement of Gilan and its leader, Mirza Koochak Khan Jangali, is soon to be screened by Iran IRIB Channel 3.    

Directed by Ardalan Ashouri, the 7-episode miniseries named ‘Gileva’ will probably go on air concurrent with the death anniversary of Mirza Koochak Khan Jangali on December.

Tehran-based Owj Arts and Media Organization is the producer of ‘Gileva’, having a long history in producing revolutionary works in art and cinema.

The film was captured in Tehran and the northern Iranian towns of Siahkal and Kiashahr. ifilm director/ actor Behrouz Shoeibi has appeared as Mirza Khoochak Khan.

Other cast members include Hamidreza Pegah, Setareh Eskandari, Mehran Rajabi and Amir-Hossein Seddiq.

Mirza Koochack Khan is not a strange name to ifilmers as they have watched a TV series with the same name by Behrouz Afkhami on ifilm small screen. The series chronicled the Jangali Movement during the 1980s.  

The Jungle Movement of Gilan (1915-1920) took place in response to the period of political decay brought about by the advent of World War I and the occupation of Iran by Anglo-Russian and Ottoman troops.