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‘We Won’t Go Back’ to go for filming soon

New Iranian film ‘We Won’t Go Back’ is set to start filming soon.

Shooting stage for new Iranian film ‘We Won’t Go Back’ from producer of award-winning 'Blockage' is set to commence soon.

Producer Bahman Kamyar said to the local media that the film is in development and “the shooting stage will begin soon.”

He said of the timeframe for filming that, “In September, the cinematography starts while the makers of this film are in talks with actors interested in assuming roles.”

Kamayar hints at the comedy theme of the flick, saying that “conclusive talks have been held with possible actors of this movie who are all renowned names appearing in comedies.”

 New Iranian film ‘We Won’t Go Back’ is at the helm of Pouya Nabizadeh.

The producer of the new flick was in charge of producing award-winning film ‘Blockage’ by Mohsen Qaraei.

"Ghasem is a temporary worker who cracks down on illegal street stalls in Tehran. His hot temper always invites trouble, and recently, he was caught getting kickbacks from stall keepers," a synopsis for the flick partly reads.