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Iran cinema to screen ifilm movie after decades

One of ifilm movies, 'The Fateful Day' is set be re-screened after decades.

'The Fateful Day', hailed as "the most notable film" on Ashura is set to be re-screened at Iranian theater after more than two decades.

Sajjad Norouzi, head of the Tehran Azadi Cineplex, broke the news to the local media, adding following talks with director Shahram Asadi on the possibility of public screening of his valuable work, he eagerly accepted the offer.

He noted that Iran Screening Guild Council has already issued the re-screening permit, adding the flick will be screened during the Muslim mourning month of Muharram.

The notable Iranian movie made in the 1990s is themed on Ashura when the third Muslim Imam, Imam Hussein (AS), was martyred.

This film has been lauded for the s