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Zohreh Hamidi flashbacks to ‘Parent Problems': Exclusive

In an ifilm exclusive interview, Zohreh Hamidi talks about her role in 'Parent Problems'.

In the second part of ifilm exclusive interview with Zohreh Hamidi, she talks more about her role in 'Parent Problems'.

'Parent Problems' is the story of Ali with four children and Iran with three. Ali and Iran have both lost spouses some time ago. Life poses them many challenges as the two decide to tie the knot.  

Dealing with infertility, Hamidi plays the role of a next-door neighbor to the couple. In response to a query on what the story tried to convey, she believes, “'Parent Problems' wanted to show one must be appreciative of their children.”  

This must not come easy as the actress herself lost her son and now is so much more grateful for the blessing of having children.

A Passenger to Rey’ star takes the view that using two couples in the series one with seven children and one with none could very well show the value of having children and how one must show appreciation for their children.

Zohreh Hamidi gives ifilmers life advice