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Vasheghani takes driver’s seat in ‘Highway’: ifilm Exclusive

Majid Vasheghani tells ifilm about his role in ‘Highway’.

Under the Vestibule’ star Majid Vasheghani tells ifilm in an exclusive talk about his role in ‘Highway’.

Each film lets actors live under the skin of different people from different walks of life. It must be absolutely great to experience all these during the only chance given to humans in their earthly life.

Majid Vasheghani has already acted various characters, some of which have been honest police officers such as the persona he played in ‘Amen’. Yet, some other times, he has been a clumsy criminal who has been manipulated to hijack a plane in 'The Detour'.

More recently, he has been cast to play the role of a man driving two passengers along a road in ‘Highway’ directed by Farnaz Amini. As he puts it, various incidents happen to these three all inside a car on a road.

Vasheghani then gives some details on the screenplay and shooting stage of the flick which you can see in the attached video.

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