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Iranian-German film ‘Samurai in Berlin’ outs trailer

Iranian-German comedy ‘Samurai in Berlin’ unveils trailer.

Iranian-German comedy ‘Samurai in Berlin’ has unveiled trailer.

Directed by Mehdi Naderi, ‘Samurai in Berlin’ was premiered in Iranian movie theaters on May 08, 2019.

The film tells the story of a group of three headed by Jamshid Samurai. The group does every illegal action to earn money.

When they are hired to go to Berlin in order to return the title deed of a real estate, it is high time for them to show their criminal capabilities in Germany.

The movie has sold more than 60 billion Rials during 16 weeks on the silver screens.

Hamid Farroknejad, Amir-Mehdi Juleh, Mir-Taher Mazloumi, Houman Haji-Abdollahi, Mitra Hajjar, Gohar Kheirandinsh and Nader Mashayekhi are among the movie’s cast.