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9 countries to attend Iranian festival

The 14th Marivan Street Theater Festival is to host works from 9 countries.

The 14th Marivan Street Theater Festival has set to host works from 9 countries.

The international competition section of the 14th Mariwan International Street Theater Festival includes works from nine countries such as Italy, Russia and Brazil.

According to the secretariat of the festival, the event had received entries by artists from over 100 countries, but the final cut includes works by nine countries such as Russia, Italy, Brazil, Ukraine, Armenia, a co-production by Iraq and Oman, and another one by Iran and Iraqi Kurdistan.

The international section of the festival is competitive one, which also includes three performances from Iran. The works selected for this section are produced on the basis of modern street theater techniques that deal with human themes such as peace and friendship among nations and the defense of the oppressed.

Directors of theater festivals from Georgia, Oman, Baghdad, Erbil and Darbandikhan in Iraqi Kurdistan’s Sulaimaniya will be present at the event as special guests.

Experts from Mexico and the Netherlands will also hold workshops on the sidelines of the event.

Mariwan International Street Theater Festival is an annual event organized by the Department of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Kordestan Province, in cooperation with Department of the Dramatic Arts, Iranian Dramatic Arts Society, Kordestan Dramatic Arts Association, and Street Theater Institute.

The 14th edition of the festival, presided over by Fateh Badparva, will be held on August 23-27, 2019 with a focus on ‘tourism’.