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Iranian short ‘The Last Embrace’ to vie in Netherlands

Iranian short ‘The Last Embrace’ is to vie at the Manifesto Film Festival in Amsterdam.

Iranian short ‘The Last Embrace’ has been selected to compete at the 2019 Manifesto Film Festival in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Directed by Saman Hosseinpour, the short narrates the story of a family who are so busy with their cell phones that they don’t notice the death of their grandfather.

Based on the synopsis, a little girl wants to show her drawing to her family, but they are busy with their cell phones. She goes to her grandfather to show him the painting, but he has just passed away without anybody noticing it.

The short has been screened at various festivals such as The 2019 East Northeast International Film Festival in the US, the 2019 International Children’s Film Festival in Bangladesh, the third DEFY Film Festival in the US, and the 10th Seoul Int’l Extreme-Short Film Festival in South Korea.

It has also garnered several international awards, including the Best Narrative Short award at The Earth Day Film Festival in the US and the Best Screenplay Award at the 3rd Gosh! Film Festival in France.

The Manifesto welcomes all genres and supports independent and first-time filmmakers. The event provides the attendees with a fun social setting to discuss and challenge the films.

This edition of the event is slated for September 6-8, 2019 in Amsterdam.