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‘Reza’ director talks to ifilm about his film

In an exclusive interview with ifilm, Alireza Motamedi talks about ‘Reza’.

In an exclusive interview with ifilm, Iranian director/actor Alireza Motamedi has talked about his latest work ‘Reza’.

Motamedi told Cinema ifilm show that he thought he should write a love story narrated in the modern atmosphere we live.

The award-winning director added that he wanted the love story to be about a lover who loves someone without expecting anything in return.

He also called ‘Reza’ a new experience which is also new to domestic audience.

‘Reza’, a romantic comedy, revolves around the life of an author named Reza who begins to write a story about his ancestor's immigration to the historical city of Isfahan.

Meanwhile, Reza and his wife separate from each other through divorce after nine years of marriage, but he finds it difficult to start a new life without his ex whom he still loves.

Reza must delve into all aspects of his personality to find out why his better half and the woman he loves cannot tolerate living with him and wants a divorce.