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Actor couple talks how they first met: ifilm exclusive

Renowned Iran actor Mahmoud Pakniyyat opens up to ifilm about how he married his costar.

Renowned Iran actor Mahmoud Pakniyyat opens up to ifilm during an exclusive interview about how he married his costar Mahvash Sabrkon.  

Between TV and films, so many actors have married their co-stars and turned into power couples that rule the show industry; and ‘Prophet Joseph’ star is one of such actors who met his wife on-set of a play.

“Mrs. Sabrkon used to come to a nearby library to study. It was her exam time.”

A crew member goes to the library and asks Mrs. Sabrkon if she liked to perform in the play.  

He says it happened all quit accidentally when his wife joined them for the play. The on-set relationship soon made its way into marriage when the couple tied the knot in 1979.

He talks about his 28-year marriage to ifilm and admits that "Unconditional love is a whole lot harder and different than it looks in the movies."

The actor couple, who has also costarred in ‘After the Rain’, has two sons with three grandsons.