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‘Saint Mary’ star talks to parents: Exclusive

‘Saint Mary’ star talks to parents through ifilm lens.

In an ifilm exclusive interview, ‘Saint Mary’ star has offered advice to parents on encouraging their kids to book-reading.

Actress Shabnam Qolikhani is probably best known for her star-making role in ‘Saint Mary’. She has got her hand in a lot of projects — acting, writing, parenting and teaching — but giving out advice to others is one role she has never taken.

Qolikhani said to ifilm in no uncertain terms that books create warm emotional bonds between adults and kids when they read books together.

“I always encourage my students to read books, play or screenplay. I’ve also done the same for my own daughter from her early age. I read her books every night. I sometimes ask her to tell me about the book she has read.”

Qolikhani also believes that book-reading needs to be taught at a young age. She elaborates her point saying that when reading is an enjoyable part of everyday life, children will develop positive attitudes about reading.   

She further adds that, “I really think book-reading is a missing element among the youth of today. Maybe, nowadays with social media, children - teenagers and young adults - are less encouraged to book-reading. But I think we should encourage and teach them to read book even one page per day.” 

To Qolikhani, books develop and nourish kids’ imaginations, expanding their worlds and help them find out who they are.   

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