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‘Pardis’ releases behind the scenes: Exclusive

ifilm reveals footage showing the friendly atmosphere of ‘Pardis’ behind the scenes.

ifilm English has released footage showing the friendly atmosphere of IRIB-ordered ‘Pardis’ behind the scenes.

‘Pardis’ has many young stars. Amidst the enthusiastic performances given by these stars in comedy genre, few of them have performed comedy before.

Produced by Hamid Nili and directed by Saeed Naqdzadeh, ‘Pardis’ narrates the life story of a bunch of students living in a dorm. Each episode narrates different stories in the comedy genre.

The strong teamwork and friendships built during the film shoot have created a warm and friendly environment. The cast has endlessly infused the set with cheerful laughter along with the natural acting chemistry.

ifilm has reported that since the actors and staff did not lose sight of their original intention and worked hard, they were able to keep the happy environment on set.

According to Naqdzadeh, the cast did their best to the very end to make sure the drama is high-quality with each actress showing a new style of acting.

Ordered by the Theater Group of the IRIB’s Young Production House, ‘Pardis’ went before camera with the initial goal of spreading the culture of simple marriage; and marriage among university students.

The series is made in two seasons; the first season has 50 episodes written by Kaveh Mahdavi. Each of the episodes points out one of the traditions and customs of Iranian and Islamic lifestyles.

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