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France cinemas host ‘Reza’

Iranian movie ‘Reza’ has started screening in French cinemas.

Iranian movie ‘Reza’ has started screening in French cinemas.

Alireza Motamedi’s award-winning film has started screening in France.

The French company Norte Distribution owns the film’s distribution rights in the country.

A romantic comedy, the film revolves around the life of an author named Reza who begins to write a story about his ancestor's immigration to the historic city of Isfahan.

Meanwhile, Reza and his wife separate after nine years of marriage, and despite his attempts to move on, he finds it difficult to start a new life without his ex who he still loves.

So he begins a search into all aspects of his personality to find out why his better half and the woman he loves cannot tolerate living with him.

The cast of the 94-minute film includes the director Alireza Motamedi as well as Sahar Dolatshahi, Setareh Pesyani, Reza Davoudnezhad, Afsar Asadi, Solmaz Ghani, Pantea Marzanian, Nasim Mirzadeh, Forough Taebi.