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Netherlands ambassador attends Iran film premiere

Dutch Ambassador to Iran attends opening of new Iranian film ‘Mastermind’.

Dutch Ambassador to Iran, Jacques Werner, has attended opening of new Iranian film ‘Mastermind’.

Werner said in a social media post that he enjoyed the premiere of Azita Mougouee’s new offering “at Charou Cineplex in Tehran.”

He also lauded Iran cinematography tradition, saying that this film serves as another proof of this strong tradition in Iran.

‘Mastermind’ is set in Cyprus, Iran, Spain and Canada, narrating the story of a joint venture agreed by Iran and Spain to kick off a massive project in one of the islands in southern Iran.

A good deal of companies and people have responded a call for tenders related to the project with the aim of winning and gaining a large sum of easy money out of such undemanding tender.

Bahram Radan, Hanieh Tavassoli, Pejman Jamshidi are some of the actors in the flick.