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Iranian theatrical heads to Canada

Canada to feature Iranian stage performance.

Iranian theatrical performance ‘Violant’ to be featured in Canadian venues.

Directed by actor turned playwright, Mehdi Koushki, the play will be his 14th so far in his stage career.

‘Violant’ is a dark comedy centered on the life of a divided family who deeply love each other despite their clashing personalities.

When an unfortunate event, which can potentially turn catastrophic, brings them together once again, their desperate attempt at helping each other considering their differences makes for a dark series of hilarious complications.

Produced by Mohammadreza Mansour and Hamidreza Kamalpour, the cast of the 90-minute performance will include Koushki himself, Amir Mahdi Juleh, Mehdrad Sedighian, and Amir Hossein Rostami

‘Violant’ will be performed in venues in the cities of Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal beginning in November.