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Iran’s short film ‘Slow Death' awarded in Russia

Iran’s short ‘Slow Death' is crowned the Best Film at the Eurasia Int'l Monthly Film Festival in Russia.

Iran’s short ‘Slow Death' has been crowned the Best Film at the Eurasia International Monthly Film Festival in Russia.

The film was named the Best Short (in under-15-minute section) at the Russian festival, Iranian Youth Cinema Society reported on Wednesday.

It was named the “Film of the month” in March.

Written and directed by Amin Sahraee, the film, formerly known as ‘Mirror’, is about a segment of the life of a girl in old Tehran.

“On a dark night, a young girl’s mother and brother are at home. Before going to bed, Talaat, the young girl, tells a frightening tale. Her brother is too scared to get water from the kitchen. So Talaat goes to get the water. But when she returns to the room, her mother and brother have disappeared. Suddenly, a woman and a man unknown to her enter the room. Who are they? And then Talaat finds out the truth,” a synopsis for the film reads.

The film was awarded at the Tehran International Short Film Festival.

The Eurasia International Monthly Film Festival is an independent festival for independent filmmakers. It’s aimed to introduce filmmakers from all over the world to the audiences.

The event emerged as an online festival and monthly film club, and is currently online with screening the winning films.