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Israel movie director portrays anti-Iran sentiment

Here is a quick review on new Israeli movie rightfully sparking controversy due to the theme on anti-Iran sentiment.

New Israeli movie ‘The Operative’ is another manipulation of the film industry to demonize Iranian people and their culture.

Director Yuval Adler who has already created a stir with his previous film ‘Bethlehem’, took his too much boldness to the next level by directing a so-called spy-thriller full of lies and allegations against Iranian people.

The flick premiering at the 2019 Berlin Film Festival follows a woman recruited by the Mossad to work undercover in Iran.

 ‘The Operative’’s biggest problem lies in the fact that despite being advertized as a thriller, it falls short of this aspiration with a hidden agenda to degrade and denigrate Iranian nation with no good reason.

This can be due to the incomplete perception of the filmmaker regarding intelligence atmosphere in various international agencies

What is so unethical about this movie is that a local crew was recruited to help with filming the project, though none of them knew by whom they were hired.

Even the star actor Diane Kruger in the flick was replaced with a double filmed walking on Tehran’s streets. The director remotely gave instructions via his phone from New York.

While the Zionist regime has slashed the film, the director in a media interview rejected the criticism that his film portrays Mosaad in a bad light.