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‘Kingdom of Solomon’ sources to vary

‘Kingdom of Solomon’ series is due to use all historic accounts.

In a recent media report, the line producer of the series ‘The Kingdom of Solomon the Prophet’ gave brand new details on the sources that will be used in the project.

According to Majid Haqi, the research team has come a long way in its research and has achieved an outstanding level of progress.

On similarities between the screenplays of the original feature and the series, Haqi clarified that the “series’ narrative will be independent of the original script, covering the life of Solomon from his adolescence until the end of his life, with the narratives on the three kingdoms of Talut(Saul) and David, all the way until the end of Solomon’s life being addressed through flashbacks.”

The line producer pointed out that all sources, including non-Islamic ones, will be researched for the series, but the main focus will be on the Islamic sources.

The series ‘The Kingdom of Solomon the Prophet’ is Shahriyar Bahrani’s latest project as a filmmaker after his successful television series ‘Saint Mary’.

Bahrani will be bearing the directing duties of the project with production being done by Mohammad-Reza Ramezani.

‘The Kingdom of Solomon the Prophet’ depicts the story of Prophet Solomon, king of Judah and the son of King David, who asks God to grant him the ideal kingdom. But for this to happen, he has to face a world filled with evil and an imminent and brutal war.

When the leaders of different Israelite tribes reject his call for help, disaster strikes. Solomon is then faced with a world of evil, threatening his kingdom, followers, and even family.

Originally screened as a feature film, the film’s screenplay is being rewritten to be produced as a television series.

Amin Zendegani, Mehdi Faqih, Elham Hamidi, Mahmoud Pakniyyat, Zahra Saeedi, Hossein Mahjoub, Javad Taheri, and Alireza Kamali-Nejad made up the cast of the original feature.