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ifilm reviews Iran movie 'Repression’: Exclusive

In an exclusive narration, ifilm has reviewed new Iranian film ‘Repression’ by Reza Gouran.

Famed theater director Gouran has made his first feature ‘Repression’. In an exclusive narration the flick was reviewed in one of ifilm shows.

According to the review, the director has tried his taste in cinema with this title. The flick narrates the story of some women who get back to their paternal home and find a place in its cold and spiritless atmosphere.

The house that had turned to hell in the past due to the father’s bad behavior .

The children escaped from the house in one way or another to start over.

The fact of the matter is, ‘Repression’ is the story of who faced deep dictatorship in for lifetime at home. 

Baran Kosari, Sara Bahrami, Pardis Ahmadieh, Artin Golchin, Roya Afshar, Asal Qaraee, and Jamshid Hashempour make up the cast.

“He did something to make loyalty our day and night habit. Now, we are all faithful, but the one whom we are loyal to has been dead for a long time,” reads a synopsis for the flick.