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‘The Tenth Night’ score creates excitement: Music expert

Soundtrack on ifilm series ‘The Tenth Night’ is exciting, music expert says.

 Soundtrack on Muharram-themed ifilm series ‘The Tenth Night’ creates excitement, music expert says.

Reza Mahdavi said in a program aired by the IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting), “The music, lyrics and the singer of this work (‘The Tenth Night’) are unique.”

Fardin Khalatbari’s composed work for current ifilm series ‘The Tenth Night’ has been performed by Alireza Qorbani.

The music expert noted, “In part of this music, the melody goes on with the santur musical instrument … which presents excitement,” adding, “In the Ashura culture, the excitement element exits as Imam Hussein (AS) said to his sister, ‘I saw nothing but beauty’” in the battle of Karbala.

“All this is excitement … the thing humans need it,” the expert said of the feelings experienced in relation to Ashura.”

Current ifilm series 'The Tenth Night' is themed on the mourning ceremonies in the past for Imam Hussein's (AS) martyrdom in Iran. The narrative centers around a material love that evolves into a spiritual one for the love of Hussein.