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On narrative elements of ‘The Tenth Night’: Vocalist to ifilm

Alireza Qorbani speaks out to ifilm about his experiences with ‘The Tenth Night’.

Prolific A-list Iranian vocalist Alireza Qorbani has spoken out to ifilm about his experiences with ‘The Tenth Night’ TV series.

Ramping up his dedication to the music score of several TV series, Qorbani believes the absorbing plotline of ‘The Tenth Night’ - currently on ifilm playlist - was because of its intertwined subplots.   

“It encompassed many subplots such as earthly love, the ones with the velvet hats, the act of vandalism by the thugs of the time, Ta'zieh and Ashura mourning processions,” mentioned Qorbani in his talk to the channel.  

Besides the storyline and the twist and turns of the evens, Qorbani thinks that ‘The Tenth Night’ featured some religious elements which are highly respected by the Iranians - elements like Ta'zieh performance, Ashura mourning ceremony and Muharram. To Qorbani, these all added to the charm of the series.

During the screening time of ‘The Tenth Night’ TV series, its music score was listened to by many enthusiastic fans, making the team release it as a single track.  

The Tenth Night’ goes on ifilm TV screen every night at 18:00 GMT with three playbacks on the next day at 00:00, 09:00 and 15:00 GMT.