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‘Insomniac’ editing reaches halfway through editing

Sirous Moqaddam’s horror film ‘Insomniac’ reaches halfway through editing.

Noted auteur Sirous Moqaddams horror film ‘Insomniac’ has reached halfway through editing.

Iran TV and cinema editor Khashayar Movahedian broke the news to the long-awaited fans.

Moqaddam’s horror trilogy is made for Iranian domestic home entertainment market.

Moqaddam has rich directing credits for many applauded TV series such as ‘Coma’, 'Day of Envy' and ‘Reyhaneh

Alireza Shojanouri, Ladan Mostofi and Reyhaneh Parsa star in the movie. No plot details have been revealed yet.

The trilogy is notable for marking the first collaboration between Moqaddam and screenwriter Saeed Nematollah who also wrote the screenplay for ‘Insomniac’.  

The producer of the flick is Moqaddam’s wife and his longtime companion Elham Ghafouri. The duo has made successful collaborations in many hits, including ‘A Message from the Afterlife’, ‘Michael’, ‘Until Being with Sorayya’, ‘The Capital’ sequel and ‘The Bounced Check’.

Moqaddam’s staggering contribution to Iranian filmmaking style is no secret to anyone, especially for his hugely hyped sequel television series ‘The Capital’.