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Busan Film Festival to show Iran 'Cinema Donkey'

Busan International Film Festival is set to host Iran 'Cinema Donkey' by Shahed Ahmadlou.

Busan 2019 International Film Festival is set to host 'Cinema Donkey' by Iraninain director Shahed Ahmadlou.

Ahmadlou's new movie will be featured at Busan's 'A Window on Asian Cinema' scetion as a showcase of new and representative films by Asian filmmakers.

"A filming group is making a humanitarian film that has a message for humanity. They need a professional donkey to play in a few scenes. The budget and time limitations have made it difficult for them to find a professional donkey until the production group comes upon a donkey wandering in the woods," a synopsis for the flick reads.

The 24th Busan International Film Festival will be held October 3-12 in Busan, South Korea.