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‘Setayesh’ shows aftermath of decisions: Exclusive

Saeed Soltani tells ifilm how ‘Setayesh’ highlights the importance of sound decisions in life.

Saeed Soltani tells ifilm in an exclusive report how ‘Setayesh’ highlights the importance of sound decisions in life.

After the Rain’ director says that he seeks to show how crucial it is to make sound decisions in life as one will have to live with the consequences of all they have decided upon. Therefore, ‘Setayesh’ is all about that and more. It also means to highlight the importance of family ties in its traditional ways.

Soltani also says that as the third season for the show will keep in line with these underlying main plots, it also takes a new turn; and some touch of mystery and crime will be added to it.

When ‘Setayesh’ first hit the air on Iranian IRIB, it could swiftly make its way to every Iranian household as it had a familiar and kind of a nostalgic story anyone could easily relate to.

The show opened up with an improbable yet requited love between Setayesh and Taher which against their families’ expectations ends into a happy marriage. Their life as a couple is short-lived, though. Setayesh will lose her husband to an accident and now is left with two kids she must run away from her father-in-law who has claims on the kids’ custody.

The second season follows up the story and takes its audiences to years later to the time when the kids are now two grownups dealing with problems of their own.


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