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US filmfest to screen Iranian short ‘Oblivion’

The 2019 East Northeast Int’l Film Festival in the US is to screen Iranian short ‘Oblivion’.

The 2019 East Northeast International Film Festival (ENE) in the US has scheduled to screen Iranian short ‘Oblivion’.

Produced by Iranian Youth Cinema Society, ‘Oblivion’ depicts the challenges facing people in their old ages.

Directed by Fatemeh Mohammadi, it narrates the story of a woman who tries everything she can to make her husband’s life worth living despite Alzheimer’s.

Mohammadi recently grabbed Best First Time Director award for ‘Oblivion’ at the April 2019 Milestone Worldwide Film Festival in Italy.

The Iranian short received an award at the 2018 Moondance International Film Festival in US, second Best Film award at the 2nd Shahu International Film Festival in India, Best Student Film award at the 2019 Diamond Film Awards in Italy, and Best Short Film Cultural Diversity award at the 2019 Setting Sun Film Festival in Australia.

‘Oblivion’ has also gone on screen at several global events, including the 12th Buffalo International Film Festival in the US, the 9th Figari Film Fest in Italy, the 16th We Care Film Festival in India, the 5th Alemlere Rahmet (Mercy to Universe Short Film Competition) Film Festival in Turkey, and the 3rd Beloit International Film Festival in the US.

The 2019 ENE will also screen ‘The Last Embrace’ and ‘The Man Who Forgot to Breathe’ by Saman Hosseinpour, ‘Starvation’ by Zahra Rostampour, ‘Are You Volleyball?!’ by Mohammad Bakhshi, ‘Birthday Night’ by Omid Shams, as well as ‘Slaughter’ co-directed by Saman Hosseinpour and Ako Zand-Karimi, all from Iran.

The ENE celebrates independent films, music, and the green technology industry all at the crossroads of the future to be a part of a diverse and creative global community.

The 2019 ENE is re-scheduled to be held on October 10-14 in Newburgh, New York, the US.