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Iran 300-eposide series gets producer on board

300-episode Iranian series ‘Mother Iran’ gets producer on board.

Producer Mehid Karimi takes up production job for new Iranian series ‘Mother Iran’ in 300 parts.

The longest running drama in the history of Iranian TV series production is at the helm of Fereydoun Hassanpour.

Hassanpour has written and directed many films, including ‘Summer Vacation’ (1995), ‘The Rich and the Poor’ (1999), ‘Sunflower Field’ (2003), ‘While Everyone Was Asleep’ (2005), ‘The Memento’ (2007) and ‘On Foot’ (2008).

He has also been the assistant director on cinematic productions such as ‘In the Storm's Path’ (1988), ‘Shadow of Illusion’ (1990), ‘Avinar’ (1991) and ‘Mr. Governor’ (1991).

ifilm is currently airing his series ‘Father’s House’.

The series 'Mother Iran' is reportedly to be filmed in Gilan Province with various phases each including 50 episodes.

Producer Karami will be in charge of production with prominent actors yet to be announced.