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Behzad Farahani to turn director

Behzad Farahani is to step behind the camera to take up directing.

Father’s House’ star Behzad Farahani is to take the leap from being in front of the camera to behind it to take up directing.

Farahani is the latest in a long succession of popular actors to make a transition into feature directing with a film reportedly to bear a social theme.

The title of the actor’s directorial debut is being kept under wraps until the filming permit is received.

According to Farahani’s latest interview with local media, he has always had directing concerns and was looking for an opportunity to helm a film written by himself.  

Farahani’s impressive turn as Muawiyah in ‘Imam Ali (AS)’ TV series has proved him as an artist, and –  to avoid being typecast as a conventional actor – he says that ‘Beloved’ TV series was his latest appearance as an actor; and since then due to unfulfilling acting suggestions, he has stopped acting.  

At the end of his interview, Farahani also spoke about performing Ta'zieh saying that, “Performing Ta’zieh comes from heart and the love belongs only to Imam Hussein (AS). So I do not want to make my presence in Ta’zieh of some sort of merchandise nature. But let's just say that if I get the chance, I will experience performing Ta’zieh in Ashura.”

With several films and series under his belt, Farahani’s move into feature filmmaking feels like a logical progression.