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‘Ghost Lake’ ends shooting

Iran-UK feature ‘Ghost Lake’ has wrapped up shooting in north Iran.

Iran-UK feature ‘Ghost Lake’ has wrapped up shooting in north Iran.

Directed and written by Reza Jafari-Jozani, the 20-session film shoot has been completed on Tuesday September 4 in northern forests of Iran.

Portraying a philosophical and mystery fiction, ‘Ghost Lake’ is inspired by the poems of the world-known Persian poet Molawi and follows the story of some young investigators who travel to the Ghost Forest in north of Iran in order to discover the secrets of the Ghost Lake. And there, new calamities take shape in the odd disasters.  

The cast list enjoys some new talents such as Maryam Akbari, Hessam Banieqbal, Pegah Hamidifar, Reza Khayati, Reza Zarei, Nazanin Alidoust, Amir-Hussein Kamjou, Reza Mazandarani and Hadi Yas.

Listed as natural heritage site for its distinctive look and astonishing beauty, Ghost Lake is an untouched area of central district of Nowshahr County, Mazandaran Province, Iran.

The pristine nature around the lake is predominantly foggy and wild animals can be heard around it. Together with the view of dried up trees in the middle of the lake, it has earned it the name of Ghost Lake.