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Wishing I was in Karbala: Iran actress

Iranian actress says in an ifilm exclusive talk that she wished to be in Karbala.

Iranian actress Ziba Boroufeh says in an ifilm exclusive talk that she wished to be in Karbala where Imam Hussein’s (AS) shrine lies.

The actress of ifilm series such as ‘The Envoy’ and ‘Breach’ which both have a theme or sub-theme on Imam Hussein (AS) talked with the channel’s website in an exclusive interview.

She said about one of her series named ‘Hatef’ set in Iraq’s Karbala city that “I very much liked to be in Karbala for a sequence in the series, but something came up and I count go to Iraq with the crew.”

She added, “Another actor was kind enough to play in the sequence in my place.”  

The actress also revealed her reason for being less prolific in recent years, saying that most of screenplays she reads “are not suitable to work on. Other than that, I also like to appear in movies and series more often.”

She emphasized her view of merely working in projects she likes, saying, “I prefer not to take up a role just for the good money without any enthusiasm.