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‘Copper Notes of a Dream’ to vie in South Korea

Iran’s documentary film is to compete at the DMZ int’l fest in South Korea.

Documentary film ‘Copper Notes of a Dream’ has been selected to compete at the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival in South Korea.

Directed by Reza Farahmand, the documentary presents the life of Mallouk, a ten-year-old boy, and his friends who collect copper wires from the ruins of houses that have been destroyed due to the war. The boys sell the wires to make a living.

They are in pursuit of a childhood dream and this turns on the light of hope in their hearts.

The Iranian doc and 9 other titles are competing for the award. The winner will be presented to the Academy Awards.

The festival has set “peace, communication, and, life” as its slogan and aims to bring the audience a foundation of culture on the way to peace.

The 11th edition of the fest is slated for September 20-27.

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