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‘Midday Adventures 2’ unveils trailer

Official trailer for ‘Midday Adventures’ sequel released.

The official trailer for Mohammad-Hossein Mahdavian’s ‘Midday Adventures: Trace of Blood’ has been released.

Produced by Seyed Mahmoud Razavi, the film will begin screening in Iranian theaters nationwide beginning on Wednesday, September 5.

A sequel to the original 'Midday Adventures', the film is a political drama based on true events from the early days of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

At a time of heightened political tensions in 1980s Iran, a rogue terrorist group known as the MKO begins to assassinate government officials and innocent civilians. Meanwhile, a group of brave, selfless members of the revolutionary guards begin to hunt them down in a set of sophisticated intelligence operations.

Hadi Hejazifar, Hasti Mahdavifar, Mehrdad Seddiqian, Behnoush Tabatabaee, Mohsen Kiaee, Javad Ezzati and Hossein Mehri make up the film’s main cast.