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ifilm to air final episode of ‘A Heart of Ice’

ifilm English TV is to air finale for the series ‘A Heart of Ice’ on Thursday.

ifilm English Channel has set to air final episode of the series ‘A Heart of Ice’ on Thursday night.

The final episode of the series, directed by Masoud Rashidi, will be aired on September 19, 2019 at 23 GMT.

‘A Heart of Ice’ is about Babak, a university graduate who is engaged to be married. Babak lost his father when he was a child and has been spoiled and pampered by his mother.

Babak goes to work for Nowshad and his daughter and likes the way the 'other-half’ lives and is fooled and lied to by Nowshad and gets himself deeper and deeper into debt without realizing it.

Things go from bad to worse and he reaches the point of no return where neither his faithful friends nor even his own mother can save him!

Sorayya Qasemi, Kourosh Tahami, Nasser Aqaee, Amir-Reza Delavari, Majid Moshiri, and Marjan Mohtasham are on the series cast list.

‘A Heart of Ice’, produced in 2003, will be replaced by ‘That's not the Way’ directed by Navid Mihandoust.