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Media turns spotlight on Iran female motor bike champ

International news outlets turn the spotlight on Iranian female biker champion, Behnaz Shafiei.

A number of international news outlets turn the spotlight on Behnaz Shafiei, Iran’s female motocross champion.

The March reports from several int'l media highlighted the capabilities of the female biker in Iran and lauded her by titles such as “Iran’s path-breaking female motorbike champion” and “trailblazing female biker [who] makes history”

“She bought her first bike when she was 22,” one of the media reports about Shafiei wrote, adding, “She is glad to be an example for young girls in Iran.”

Shafiei began riding a motorbike at the age of 15 in Province in northwestern Iranian province of Zanjan where she saw a woman on a bike for the first time. That was her first encounter with a bike and she was hooked on from that time going forward.

"Riding my motorbike seemed to me like a pretty normal thing for a woman to do,” the champion was quoted by the media reports as saying.

The race track of Iranian city of Karaj near Tehran witnessed an incredible event on Friday when a bunch of women created a history. Behnaz Shafiei won the motorcycle race, for which she and a few other women had been campaigning for the last three years.

The Iranian biker crowed at the country’s first ever female motorbike race conducted in February.