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ifilm to unveil ‘Flying at Zero Altitude’

Iranian series ‘Flying at Zero Altitude’ is to be aired by ifilm English TV.

Iranian series ‘Flying at Zero Altitude’ has been scheduled to be aired by ifilm English TV.

Produced by Mohammad Neshat and directed by Abdolhassan Barzideh, the series tells the story of an Iranian Air Force pilot during the early stages of the Iraq-Iran war.

After a failed attempt to marry his fiancée a year ago, he is determined to get married this time around, but with the war breaking out and his fiancée’s health condition, he is faced with some serious challenges.

The series cast list includes Ammar Tafti, Hadiseh Tehrani, Shahrokh Estakhri, Mohammad Omrani, Ali Omrani, Sogol Khaliq, Hamid-Reza Nikdel, Bahareh Riahi, Reza Radmanesh, Majid Jafari, and Reza Masoudi.

‘Flying at Zero Altitude’ will be aired daily at 21:00 GMT starting from September 23, 2019, replacing ‘Father’s House’.

ifilm English will also repeat each episode of the drama the next day at 02:00, 06:00 and 13:00 (all GMT times).