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Iran thriller ‘Zero Day’ to kick off shooting

Iranian feature film ‘Zero Day’ is to launch shooting stage soon.

Iranian feature film ‘Zero Day’ has been scheduled to launch the shooting stage soon.  

The new thriller which will be Saeed Malekan’s first directorial experience will soon kick off filming in the Iranian capital of Tehran.

According to a media report, ‘Zero Day’ is a new narrative on a contemporary event. It is also announced that various locations in Iran and a number of foreign countries have been picked as the settings of the movie.

Amir Jadidi and Saed Soheili have been cast to play the two main roles of the flick. The rest of the cast members have been also reported to be famous theater performers and some international actors.

Although this is the first time Saeed Malekan directs a film, he has been active in the arena of filmmaking as a skillful makeup artist and a film producer.

He has produced several award-winning features such as ‘Life and a Day’, ‘The Lost Strait’ and ‘My Brother Khosrow’.

The awards he has won as a makeup artist are numerous. He won several awards for movies such as ‘The Song of Sparrows’, ‘Alzheimer's’ and ‘The Kingdom of Solomon the Prophet’.