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‘The Occupiers’ director to act again

Saeed Aqakhani joins the cast of Masoud Kimiaee’s latest film.

Saeed Aqakhani, director of the hit series ‘The Occupiers’, is the latest addition to veteran filmmaker Masoud Kimiaee’s most recent project.

Kimiaee’s latest film, ‘It Became Blood’, which is currently undergoing the filming stage, will be the 29th feature in the filmmaker’s resume.

Produced by Javad Norouzbaigi, the production team is working on having the flick ready in time for its premiere at the 38th Fajr Film Festival in February 2020.

Saeed Aqakhani will be joining Siamak Ansari from ‘The Grand Prize’, Leila Zare from ‘Superstar’, ‘Passenger from India’ star Nasreen Moghanlou, and ‘Chimney’ star Houman Barqnavard as part of the cast of ‘It Became Blood’.

An award-winning actor and filmmaker, Aqakhani began his television debut in 1993 with the film ‘Flight 57’.

Following a successful acting career which included an award-winning performance in ‘The Long Farewell’, he went on to directing and screenplay writing.

Some of his successful works include ‘The Occupiers’, ‘Bulletproof’, ‘Cops and Robbers’, ‘Rooster’, and ‘Bad Days Pass’.