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Veteran actor slams media silence over Yemen

Hadi Hejazifar denounced world silence over killing of Yemeni children.

Award-winning Iranian actor Hadi Hejazifar strongly condemned the silence at the UN and the world media over the killing of thousands of Yemeni children by the Saudi regime.

In a recent post on his Instagram account, the ‘Midday Adventures’ actor said:

“I bet the lives of the thousands of Yemeni children such as the passengers of this school bus who were murdered by the Saudi regime and their allies using weapons made by the US and … weren’t worth as much as the oil in a refinery to warrant a response from the international community, the UN, and … Shame; missing from the modern world are the podiums and the news agencies.”

The post came a week after the surprise drone attacks on a Saudi Arabian Oil Company’s (ARAMCO) processing plant which sent shockwaves throughout the oil market, drawing widespread media reactions.

Despite the rampant coverage of the attacks, many have criticized the media’s silence over the ongoing war in Yemen launched by the Saudi regime.

The Saudi regime and its allies launched a brutal war against Yemen in March 2015 using mostly US arms, which according to some sources, has claimed the lives of over 91,000 people, leaving over 22.2 million people in dire need of food, over 8.4 million people under the threat of severe hunger, and over 14 million people at a severe risk of famine, with the conflict continuing to this day.

Hadi Hejazifar is an award-winning Iranian actor and director who began his career in cinema in 2004 with the movie ‘Father Field’.

He is best known for his performances in ‘Standing in the Dust’, ‘Midday Adventures’, and ‘Breath’.