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‘Am I a Wolf?’ wins Paris festival award

Iran’s animation ‘Am I a Wolf?’ grabs Grand Prix at the Paris Int’l Animation filmfest.

Directed by Amir-Houshang Moeen, ‘Am I a Wolf?’ has succeeded to garner the Grand Prix at the 12th Paris International Animation Film Festival (PIAFF) in France.

‘Am I a Wolf?’ depicts some students who are performing a play called ‘The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats’.

The students are lost in their roles in a way that the border between reality and theatrical performance is hardly realized.

Meanwhile, the child acting as the wolf in the story is scripted to be defeated. That makes him feel lonely and annoyed.

As he takes his role too seriously, a bit of chaos startles the group. In the end, the presence of other children and his friends next to him take him out of this atmosphere.

The PIAFF provides an opportunity for young creators, pros and amateurs, to get known by the audience. Through the competition, the Festival is awarding the best of contemporary animated creations.

The 12th edition of the PIAFF was held on September 17-23, 2019.

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