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Russia awards Iranian ‘Simin’

Baikal Int’l Film Festival in Russia has awarded Iranian movie ‘Simin’.

Baikal International Film Festival in Russia has awarded Iranian movie ‘Simin’.

Directed by Morteza Atash-Zamzam, the film won the special jury award at the 18th edition of the festival.

‘Simin’ was screened at the event in three separate time slots.

The social drama is about the reasons behind the drying up of Zayandeh Rood, the largest river of the Iranian Plateau in central Iran, and its impacts on people, especially the farmers.

The film has also participated at the 10th edition of the Jagran Film Festival in India.

Established in 2007, the Baikal International Film Festival was founded by the Union of Filmmakers of the Russian Federation and its Irkutsk regional branch and is held with the support of the ministry of culture and the government of Irkutsk region.

The 2019 edition of the festival was held on September 19-23, 2019.