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Two more actors join ‘A Minor’ cast

Behnaz Jafari and Reza Davoudnejad join Mehrjouee’s flick.

‘Remembrance’ actress Behnaz Jafari and ‘The Sting and the Bee’ star Reza Davoudnejad are the latest additions to Dariush Mehrjouee’s latest film ‘A Minor’.

The two will be experiencing acting in one of the veteran filmmaker’s films for the first time in their careers.

Jafari and Davoudnejad will be joining a cast filled with Iranian cinema talents such as Ali Nasiriyan, Ezzatollah Ramezanifar, Ali Mosaffa, Siamak Ansari, Pardis Ahmadiyeh, and Mehrdad Seddiqian.

Mehrjouee who is directing his first film after six years of inactivity in the Iranian film industry, wrote the film’s screenplay along with his wife, Vahideh Mohammadifar.

Joining the production team will be Reza Dormishian, producer of Mehrjouee’s dark comedy ‘The Orange Suit’.

A familiar face to ifilm viewers, Behnaz Jafari has starred in numerous films and television series featured on ifilm, namely ‘The Water Fairy’, ‘It’s All There’, ‘Amen’, ‘Mehrabad’, ‘A Mother’s Sacrifice’, ‘Course of Events’, ‘Bewilderment’, ‘Kandelous Gardens’, ‘Passing Through the Fall’, ‘Breath’, ‘5-Star’, ‘Awakening’, ‘A Passenger to Rey’, and ‘Remembrance’ which is currently being aired.

Reza Davoudnejad is mainly known for his memorable roles in the series ‘The Children are Watching’ as well as the hit features ‘Left-Handed’ and ‘The Sting and the Bee’.