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US’s Bike Shorts hosting Iran’s ‘The Cycling Wind’

The 9th Annual Bike Shorts Film Festival in the US is screening Iranian animation ‘The Cycling Wind’.

The 9th Annual Bike Shorts Film Festival in the US has been hosting Iranian short animation ‘The Cycling Wind’.

Directed by Nazanin Sobhan-Sarbandi, the 6-minute animation is about a young wind that comes into possession of a bike, which helps the wind to blow even faster without spending much energy.

The freedom and strength generated by the bike let the wind to embark on new adventures.

‘The Cycling Wind’ is competing with 17 other titles from around the world.

The Bike Shorts Film Festival features short films in which a bicycle has a significant narrative feature.

“The Bike Shorts Film Festival is about showing the ways in which the bicycle is a tool that supports many aspects of our community,” says commuter services program ‘RIDE Solutions’ director Jeremy Holmes. “Through the stories we select to appear in the festival, we hope viewers will understand the ways in which having a bicycle friendly community supports the well-being of everyone, not just cyclists,” the festival says.

The 9th Bike Shorts Film Festival will come to an end on September 30 in Virginia, the US.