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ifilm report on ‘Passion to Fly’ perfect love

In an exclusive ifilm report on ‘Passion to Fly’, the love featured in the series between the male lead and his wife is discussed.

In an exclusive ifilm report on the screenplay of hit series ‘Passion to Fly’, the love between the male lead and his wife is delved into.

ifilm asked one of the names involved in Iranian cinema about the script of 'Passion to Fly' who said, "I think the contrast between martyr Babai’s (played by Shahab Hosseini) preferred lifestyle and that of his wife is a good theme."

"That means his wife used to live in a rather rich family before marriage. Yet Babai had a very different, normal life in a large family," he explained further, noting, "While this was there, the love between the two was so intense that the issue was no more."

Elham Hamidi who plays the role of Babai's wife in the series uttered lines about love that read, “After two years of being away from each other, our reunion made me think of you again. Just like a smoldering fire flaming up again.”