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ifilmers to stop by ‘The Deserted Station’

‘The Deserted Station’ is scheduled to go on ifilm English TV screen on October 5, 2019.

The Deserted Station’ is scheduled to go on ifilm English TV screen on October 5, 2019.

Directed by Alireza Raeesian based on an idea by late veteran director Abbas Kiarostami, ‘The Deserted Station’ is a 2001 humanistic drama about a couple named Mahmoud (Nezam Manouchehri) and Mahtab (Leila Hatami) who have been married for years, but are unable to have a baby.

“While they were driving through a desert on their way to Mashhad, their car breaks down. Mahmoud finds a nearby village where the local school teacher agrees to help them fix their car so long as Mahtab fills in for him and takes care of the children’s classes,” put by ifilm website as a short synopsis for the flick.

‘The Deserted Station’ is marked by neo-realist performances, particularly by Nezam Manouchehri as the testy and uncertain husband, and Leila Hatami as his quietly sad-eyed wife.

Hatami is best known for ‘Leila’, in which she portrays an infertile woman who agrees to let her husband take a second wife. In ‘Deserted Station’, Hatami once again gives a powerful performance, particularly in scenes that rely on her expression to convey the moment.

For her performance in ‘The Deserted Station’, she was nominated for the Fajr International Film Festival Award for Best Actress. She also won the Best Actress Award at the 26th Montreal World Film Festival.

The rest cast members include Mehran Rajabi and Mahmoud Pakniyyat

ifilm weekend pick is scheduled to hit the air at 22:00 GMT.

It will be also repeated the next day at 04:00, 10:00 and 16:00 (all GMT times).