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ifilm talks with terror-themed short director

Award-winning Iran director talks about his terror-themed short film.

Award-winning Iran director talks with ifilm on terror-themed short film ‘Tasouki’.

Pouria Pishvaee said in an exclusive talk with ifilm that his short title is mainly concerned with terror across the globe with the story set in Iran.

“When I was making this film, the main issue for me was universality. That means an incident occurred in the heart of my homeland and I visualized it. However, the depth of my message is beyond Iran.”

He specifically notes the theme of "my short goes back to the concept of terror, massacre and issues we are embroiled in."

‘Tasouki’ suggests the name of a border desert and narrates a horrible massacre that happened there. Terrorists ran away to their borders after slaughtering civilians in the Iranian side of the border.