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‘Crocodile’ launches public screening

‘Crocodile’ public screening has been held in Tehran.

‘Crocodile’ public screening has been held in Tehran.

The public screening of the film directed by Masoud Takavar was held in the presence of the cast and crew.

Kourosh Tahami, Reza Yazdani, Elaheh Hesari and Ali Owji were present at the event which was held at Megamal Cineplex.

The film that has recently appeared in Iranian theaters narrates the story of some youngsters who are after gaining all a life can offer overnight and without any labor. The path they have taken is a perilous one.

Kourosh Tahami, Andisheh Fouladvand, Elaheh Hesari, Narges Mohammadi and Ali Owji are among the film's stars.

Iranian vocalist Reza Yazdani who has acted in a number of Iranian series and movies is also on the cast list.