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ifilm reveals ‘Kingslayer’ mystery story

Watch ifilm exclusive on the story of new Iranian film ‘Kingslayer.

ifilm website has released exclusive narration on the story of new Iranian film ‘Kingslayer.

Written and directed by Vahid Amirkhani, the Iranian feature film ‘Kingslayer’ with mystery to unravel has recently opened in Iranian cinemas.

The cast of the film includes Hadi Hejazifar Mahnaz Afshar, Alireza Kamali-Nejad, Farid Sajjadi Hosseini, Peyman Moghadami, Mehdi Koushki, and Majid Salehi.

Film's synopsis reads, “A red deer behind the frozen cliff takes a look at the huntsman smoking a cigarette. The wolf, crumpled in cold, goes coughing. Red deer says, ‘What does he want to do?’ The wolf replies, ‘I do not know.’

Red deer then goes, ‘Those who do not know what to do are more dangerous. I will go back.’"