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Alireza Khamseh joins ‘Meeting the Wizard’

ifilm star of ‘No.1 Tehran’, Alireza Khamseh, joins new Iranian feature ‘Meeting the Wizard’.

ifilm star of ‘No.1 Tehran’, Alireza Khamseh, has joined the cast of new Iranian feature ‘Meeting the Wizard’.

Directed by Hamid Bahramian, the film that had previously cast actors such as Mani Haqiqi, Amir-Mehdi Jule and Hasti Mahdavifar, has now taken on Alireza Khamseh.

Born in 1953, Khamseh is one of the most successful and popular Iranian comedians and has appeared in numerous movies and series such as 'The Man of a Thousand Faces', 'The Rich and the Poor', 'The Capital', 'Special Guests' and 'Michael'.

Some of the movies he has starred in are 'I Like the Earth', 'Bibi’s Dowry', 'The Loser', 'Left Behind', 'The Wrong Story', 'Operation Kindergarten', and 'Don't Call Me a Clunker!'.

A brief synopsis for ‘Meeting the Wizard’ reads, “Colonel, do a favor and arrest me; I promise I’ll return the favor”.

Although this is Bahramian’s first cinematic directorial experience, he is no stranger to ifilm viewers as he has already directed the series ‘Fall of an Angel’ which was recently aired by the channel.